The pseudo, New Year’s resolution was to (re) Make. To Make!

Making is what artists and craftspeople and musicians and chefs and winemakers do. They Make!

It is not the canvas or the instrument or baton or cut of meat or varietal of grapes. It is not whether it hangs on a wall or you consume it. No. Art is not those things.

What matters most is the artistic process. It is the act of making, overcoming inner doubt or an unusual harvest. It is cooking with limited spices, yet creating immense flavor. It is music created by scientists and lead by an artist who knows how to make the most out of what they offer. It is painting from the heart to purge out an image ingrained in the brain. It is the blend, the touch, the subtlety.

Art appreciation is undoubtedly an important end product. Acceptance, kudos, and applause is always the sugar on top. But artistic creation, overcoming risk, and making something happen is in the soul of the artist.


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